2020 COBRA Rates

To drop a dependent due to a qualifying event mid-year: make the change to your election thru the benefit ‘changes’ portal in MUNIS-ESS within 30 days of the qualifying event.  Send the supporting documentation with a cover memo inter-office to: Yvonne Smith, Human Resources.  NOTE:  changes will not be approved until the documentation is received.


Healthcare options are now available through the Affordable Care Act. You can find information at the Health Insurance Marketplace:

COBRA Rights:

Details pertaining to your COBRA Rights and the COBRA Rights of your qualified dependents can be found in your “COBRA Initial Rights Notification”.  A copy will be mailed to your home when you first enroll and also any time you make a change to your coverage, along with the county’s HIPAA Privacy Notice.  You can find additional details by accessing the Department of Labor website( ).