Phone: 513-891-1627 or 800-642-9794

Services Provided: TriHealth EAP Flyer

WEB Access:  www.trihealtheap.com

TriHealth EAP (Employee Assistance Program):  A free, confidential counseling program for all employees and their dependents.

Clermont’s Board of County Commissioners provides an ’employee assistance program’ (EAP) through Tri-Health EAP for all employees and their family members.  The services include up to 5 free consultations with a professional for stress, drug abuse, marital and other issues.

TriHealth can help with a variety of issues from locating daycare to marriage, dependent, stress counseling etc.

All sessions are conducted by accredited professionals in the appropriate subject matter and all information is 100% confidential!!!  The County only receives aggregate information at the end of each quarter stating the number of calls, whether the issue was resolved in full, referred or still in progress.  The County does not receive names, issues, or any other personally identifiable information.