Optional Fringe Benefits

*Permanent employees regularly scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week.

On-line policy access and electronic claim filing.

Coverage description


Everyone is active and healthy. Yet accidents are just a part of life – from the soccer field to the ski slope and the highway in between. Ending up in urgent care can hurt more than a knee; it can hit a family hard with immediate medical expenses. Emergency costs can add up quickly. One trip to ER may involve many services – an ambulance ride, X-rays, medicines and physician fees.
Accident Insurance provides a measure of financial security by helping to take care of the unexpected bills from an accident, so you can heal. It’s that simple.

How does it work?
Accident insurance is designed to cover unexpected expenses that result from all kinds of accidents, even sports related and household ones.  It provides cash benefits to cover things your health insurance doesn’t.
Benefits you’ll appreciate:


Due to earlier diagnoses, improvements in treatment and changes in lifestyle risk factors,
Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke are showing higher survival rates. Early diagnosis can be
a lifesaver, yet successful treatment may be expensive, and a critical illness can sometimes
come back again. Critical Illness plans focus on more aspects of the ways critical illness touches your life.

SHORT TERM & LONG TERM DISABILITY PLANS – Manhattan Life Insurance Company:

Voluntary Short Term (STD) and Long-Term(LTD) coverage are available to employees at their cost.  Newly hired employees are eligible for coverage effective the 1st day of the year following their date of hire or move to a full time position. No medical information is necessary.

To obtain complete information or to enroll in any of the listed voluntary plans, please contact:  Star Robbins Company:  1-800-486-7721