Other Benefit Information


When you lose your medical, dental or vision coverage due to a change in your employment or other qualifying event, you may be able to continue your coverage under the same plans through COBRA.  Details pertaining to your COBRA Rights and the COBRA Rights of your qualified dependents can be found in the “COBRA Initial Rights Notification”.  A copy will be mailed to your home when you first enroll and also any time you make a change to your coverage, along with the county’s HIPAA Privacy Notice.  Additional information regarding COBRA can be found through the Department of Labor’s website (www.dol.gov ).

ACA HealthCare Market Place (aka Obamacare):  An alternative to COBRA could be coverage through the Affordable Care Act:  www.HealthCare.gov.

To add or drop a dependent from healthcare due to a qualifying event: Enter a request in ESS/Benefits within 30 days of the qualifying event.  Send supporting documentation to Yvonne Smith, Benefits Coordinator, HR.