2021 Dental Plans

Two Plans To Choose From in 2021…

Clermont County offers a choice of two dental plans:   A “Basic Dental Plan” and a “Premium Dental Plan”.  The Premium Plan offers a higher annual maximum benefit than the Basic ($1,000 compared to $1,500) and has orthodontic care for children under the age of 19.

This coverage is with Dental Care Plus (DCP) and is “in-network” only.  DCP has over 1,000 dentists in the Greater Cincinnati area to choose from.


  • Full time employees (35+ hours per week; 1st of the month following 60 days of employment)
  • Spouse – legally married
  • Dependent children up to the age 26.
  • Children who were determined to be disabled before their 19th birthday may be eligible to continue their insurance beyond the age of 26.

ID Cards:  ID cards will be mailed out to new participants or participants making a plan change.

Per Pay Deductions  (24 per year): 

Dental Plan
(per pay)
($1,000 max)
PREMIUM Plan ($1,500 max)
SINGLE $12.25 $14.26
EE + CHILDREN $30.94 $36.00
EE + SPOUSE $33.60 $39.12
FAMILY $37.51 $43.69