Supplemental Benefit Plans

Supplemental Benefit Plans are available to all newly hired permanent employees who are regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week.

Enrollment in Supplemental Coverage is handled by Star Robbins Company:  1-800-486-7721

  1. Allstate Cancer and Critical Illness plans each have a “wellness benefit” – when you turn in a claim for your annual physical, the plan will pay you $100.
  2. The Allstate Accident plan will pay you $50 up to 2x annually for physician office visits, including for dental or vision services.
  3. Each of these plans will transfer with you if you leave county employment
  4. The rates are locked-in at the time you enroll (they will only increase if there is an industry-wide increase to insurance rates).
  5. Plans are paid with post-tax dollars so claims payments are not taxable income
  6. Claim payments are made directly to you, the employee

Video Link: Clermont County Employees Supplemental Insurance Plans

Supplemental plans include:

  • Allstate Universal Life Insurance Coverage
  • Allstate Accident Coverage
  • Allstate Cancer Coverage
  • Allstate Critical Illness Coverage
  • Short Term Disability Coverage (STDI)
  • Long Term Disability Coverage (LTDI)

Why would I need supplemental coverage if I have medical insurance